What is Done For You Content? Why Would I Use It? (And 3 Myths About It)

Whether you are looking to develop new products for your business or want to create blog posts and social media content to help grow your done for you content can help you save time.

What is Done For You Content?

Done for you content is essentially pre-made content that you can customize to suit your audience. This can include anything from templates and pre-written blog posts to graphics or courses.

Why Would I want to Use done for you content?

The number one reason to use done for you content is that it saves you time. Think of how much time it would take to research, write and format an ebook. It could easily take more than 10 hours…that’s 10 hours you could be spending working with clients instead.

Done for you content can also mean less stress…no more having to learn how to create a template in Canva from scratch. Best of all done for you content save you money! You don’t have to hire expensive graphic designers or designers.

3 Myths About Done For You Content

  1. Using done for you content means it won’t sound like you or match your style
    FALSE – Done for you content is customizable so that it reflects your “voice” and branding style
  2. You can’t sell products created with done for you content
    Generally FALSE – While you should ALWAYS check the license that comes with done for you content, many done for you products offer a private label license. This allows you to sell an un-editable version to your clients.
  3. Done for you content won’t work for my business
    FALSE – Whether you have a coaching or product based business, done for you content can help you by diversifying your income, growing your audience through lead magnets or by adding value for your current audience.

There are many ways that done for you content can help you to save time, money and stress.

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