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Planning Your 4th Quarter

We’re in the final few months of the year and that means it’s time to plan your fourth quarter. To simplify this process, you should focus on 3 main areas: goal setting, marketing and content creation.

1) Goal Setting

The first step is to identify your main goals for this quarter. Goals could include gaining X number of new clients or adding digital products. Quarter goals should be attainable. For example, it might be realistic to expect to gain 5 new clients in the next few months if you have just started your practice. Goals also need to be specific and measurable (after all you need to be able to assess whether or not you met your goals at the end of the quarter). 

2) Marketing

The next step is to identify any new products or services that you will be promoting this quarter, any sales/bonuses you wish to offer and what areas you want to highlight in the coming months (e.g., your coaching packages or VIP memberships). This section should be based in part on the goals you set. In other words, if you want to gain 10 new clients this quarter, then your marketing plan should include promotions, opt-ins etc. that will help you to attract new clients. You will also want to decide if you will be offering any specials for shopping “holidays” such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

3) Content

Using the information you wrote down in the first two sections, you can now start creating content for the upcoming quarter. Content for social media should be a mix of educational, engagement and promotional posts. It’s important to provide good quality content that your followers will value…it should not just be a series of sales pitches. Blog posts are another opportunity to demonstrate not only your knowledge but your unique point-of-view/personality as well, making you more relatable to readers (and potential clients).

You will also want to create social media posts for any relevant holidays or special observances that your audience will be interested in. For example, November is Diabetes Month and Good Nutrition Month.

Planning your fourth quarter doesn’t have to be time consuming. In less than an hour, you can have a road map that will help you reach your goals and end the year strong.